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Recent Testimonies of Students Passing NYSTCE Exam​


Real students passing NYSTCE Exam with NYSTCE Tutors


A Long Record of NYSTCE Test Prep Success

NYSTCE Mathematics (004) – Testimony by  Jake P.

There is no question this program is different. I went to Fordham University to get a degree in secondary education. I finished all my courses and graduated, but I struggled to pass the nystce math 004 exam. I asked professors to help, but I was getting nowhere. My school classes did not help me with this test. I reached out to multiple tutoring sites, and I felt good about this site. After my research, this program endorsed the idea of studying right and was more organized, so I signed up. I am glad to have done that as I did pass my nystce math 004 exam. 

NYSTCE Education All Students (201) – Testimony by  Andrea D.

I had to pass the educating all students exam before starting the fall semester at the University of Rochester to continue with my program as I had to student teach. I took the test 3 times, and I really struggled. I knew I needed 8 weeks course, but I was in a time crunch, so I did 4 weeks course. I knew this program was good because I asked my tutor to give me constructed response in my first session even though it was not included in the course. What the tutor gave me was very aligned with the test. This program helped me pass the 201 EAS exam. I highly recommend this program.

NYSTCE School Building Leader (103/104) – Testimony by Anja J.

Last week, I got my scores, and I passed. I know you wanted to know how I did. I was on the road last, so I could not reply to your email. Thank you

NYSTCE Business and Marking (069) – Testimony by  Consuela S.

I passed the first time taking the nystce business and marketing exam. I got my degree over 15 years ago, and I think Marlene for my success. Thank you, Marlene.

NYSTCE Students with Disabilities (060) – Testimony by Shadi R.

I had to pass the students for disabilities exam. I am not a good test taker, and I have high anxiety. I decided to google nystce classes for a tutor. I did the 8 weeks course with Martha, and I can say this is a GOOD program. I give it a 5-star rating. Martha explained everything in detail. She helped me with my anxiety along with test-taking strategies. When I emailed, she replied right away. Sometimes within 5 minutes. Very professional tutoring program. 

NYSTCE Elementary Assessment of Teaching Skills (090) – Testimony by Corey B.

This is a 5-star program to pass the ATS-W. I took it 2 times, and I needed only a few points. My tutor's care in helping me pass the nystce elementary assessment of teaching skills exam impressed me a lot. 

NYSTCE NYSTCE Biology (160) – Testimony by Alex T.

I took the nystce biology exam eight times. Yes, eight times, I took this test. I even have a biology degree. The questions on this exam were beyond anything I ever do with my students in the class or any question I saw during my time at Manhattan College. I was desperate to pass, so I signed up for the eight weeks course. I did everything my tutor told me in the class, and I did more on my own. I like the questions there more challenging and like the exam. The content was okay; I knew the content before I started this program. The nystce class for biology is WORTH it. I am very happy to pass the test.

NYSTCE English Language Arts (003) – Testimony by  Bryan E.

I needed to pass the NYSTCE 003 English Language Arts as it was part of the requirements to get my degree program at Syracuse University. My scores were always within 5 points. I did to help me; no luck. I did tutoring with HeyTutor, and that was a nightmare. I did the two weeks nystce class with this program, and I passed. I felt good going in. When I left the test center, I knew I passed—no doubt in my mind. The stuff my tutor did with me was exactly what was on the test. I endorse this site, and I recommend this program to anyone needing help with NYSTCE 003 English Language Arts.

NYSTCE Multi Subjects Teachers of Early Childhood Birth to Grades 2 (212) – Testimony by John F.

I did four years at Queens College, and I got my degree. I passed the edtpa. I passed all my nystce except for the multi-subject teachers of early childhood birth to grade 2. I only needed the 212 math section of multi-subjects. I tried 5 times, and I could not pass. I was very upset and frustrated. I put so much time and effort into getting where I am, and I could not pass. I did all kinds of programs. I think I have all the books. I did tutoring with professors and others who passed the exam. I went on Wyzant to get a tutor, and I could not pass. I did not think I could pass.

NYSTCE Multi Subjects Teachers of Secondary Teachers Grade 7 to Grade 12 (241/244/245) – Testimony by  Salome T.

I accidentally stumbled on this site, and just looking at it gave me some hope. I found the site at night time, so the next morning I called. I spoke to Dorian, and she explained to me the program. She was very solid on the fact that I will pass with the program. She was very confident. I said to myself, I will do this last thing as I did everything else out there. My tutor told me not to do anything else but what he told me to do. I followed my tutor's instructions during the class. I was uncertain if this course will get me to pass, but they did assessments at the end, which indicated I will pass. I am thankful to god for this program as I did pass. I have reached the goal I have had for years of being a teacher. If you are struggling with the nystce multi subjects exam, please sign up with this program.

NYSTCE Music (165) – Testimony by  Brooke W.

Hello Virginia – I passed my nystce music exam. Huge relief. Thanks for helping me out. I told my friend about you, and they are going to sign up for the class too.

NYSTCE Multi Subjects Teachers of Childhood Grade 1 to Grade 6 (222) – Testimony by  Joquary E.

I took the multi subjects 222 grades 1 to 6 mathematics four times. I was never good at math, so this exam was going to be difficult for me. However, I did not think it was going to be that difficult. I did not know what to do but not passing was not settling right in my head. I wanted to give but, but I had to overcome. I did the eight weeks course, and I can tell everything this program works. No question, this program is legit. The stuff they do is on the test.

I brought the mometrix book for the multi-subjects exam, and that was very disappointing. Nothing in that book was on the exam. I went in so confident, and I wanted to cry during the exam. I could not believe what I was seeing. I felt I was given the wrong test. My mom signed me up for the 8 weeks course after seeing me frustrated. I worked with Jin-Lin, and she helped a lot. She gave a lot of resources. She ensured I understood everything. She cared about me prepping fully; I really liked that. I did pass all parts of the nystce multi subjects. This program is well worth it if you don’t want to waste your time.


NYSTCE Music (165) – Testimony by  Elizabeth X.

Hey. Thanks for helping me the last few weeks. I passed my music exam. Thanks again


NYSTCE CST Physical Education (076) – Testimony by Melissa Q.

My principal told me of a physical education job opening for the next school year. I had to pass the exam, and the position could be mine. I had a background in pe, so I was very happy. I studied for few weeks, and I took the test. I was shocked I failed, and I started to panic. I knew how rare physical education openings are in the school system. I decided to sign up for the 8 weeks class with ez nystce tutors. Well worth the assessment. They gave me good practice, very much like the test. They also let me double up to complete it in 4 weeks as I needed to pass asap. These are true experts when it comes to the nystce CST exams.


NYSTCE Library Media Specialist (074) – Testimony by  Marcus M.

I passed my library media specialist nystce exam. Thanks for helping me, Rhonda.


NYSTCE Students with Disabilities (060) – Testimony by Lexi T.

Nowadays, there is so much online you don’t know what to do. You don’t know. I was confused. Saw a lot of sites. I picked this site as it was different. It focused on nystce exams. I did not know what else to do. I took the test 4 times to pass the students of disability 060 nystce exam. I took a leap of faith and signed up, and I am glad I did. I passed the test, and I have put behind a chapter in my life I don’t want to think about ever. Thank you for helping me ez nystce tutoring prep.

I had to take the multi subject 7-12 exam to start my teaching job. I was freaked out when I did not pass any parts of the multi subject 7-12 test. My mom signed me up for the 8 weeks course, and I worked with Mandy. She showed me questions and content directly on the exam. I am very pleased with my experience at the nystce tutoring program.

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